Press Freedom Forum

The Press Freedom Global Alliance

The Press Freedom Global Alliance is a US-based international vehicle for the creation of synergies in countries and regions around the world, enabling key players in the global public space to work together to secure the safety and protection of journalists and to mobilize and inform the public about the role of the press as the cornerstone of our democracies. The Press Freedom Global Alliance unites media, civic organizations, private sector stakeholders, and public sector representatives worldwide in a sustained effort to promote press freedom.

Journalists, partners, supporters, and media professionals came together for World Press Freedom Day in a ceremony hosted by the Association and Club of Foreign Press Correspondents USA at 7 World Trade Center in New York City. The Press Freedom Forum was presented and moderated by Vice President of the Association and Club of Foreign Press Correspondent, Susan M. Tehrani.

Susan Tehrani | Credits for all photos taken during Press Freedom Forum: Andrea DAndrea

The Association honored Jere Van Dyk, Zahra Joya, and Richard Gingras with Foreign Press 2022 Awards for their outstanding work in the field of truth-seeking, news curation, and storytelling. Speakers celebrated the occasion and sent sobering reminders that journalism and the truth are under attack all over the world.

In this perilous time the words ‘freedom of the press’ are no longer an absolute; they have become malleable at best and an oxymoron at worst,” Nancy Prager-Kamel, Chairwoman of the Association & Club of Foreign Press Correspondents USA, said at the in-person ceremony of the Press Freedom Forum.

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