Important links for Communication Leaders

Important links for Communication Leaders recomended by the Editor of CCO Magazine   Association of Foreign Press Correspondents in the United States (AFC-USA) ASBPE’s Guide to Preferred Editorial Practices American Business Media’s Editorial Code of Ethics American Medical Writers Association Code of Ethics American Society of Magazine Editors Guidelines American Society of News  Associated Press […]

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B2B Journalist Ethics: An ASBPE Guide to Best Practices

ASBPE Guide to Best Practices Introduction Business-to-business (B2B) publications, online and in print, exist to serve their audiences in the specialized fields they cover, while being financially viable businesses themselves. To provide the publication’s service effectively, editors must maintain editorial excellence and the trust of the communities they serve. These goals are accomplished through constant […]

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Ethics of the Radio-Televsion Digital News Association

Guiding Principles: Journalism’s obligation is to the public. Journalism places the public’s interests ahead of commercial, political and personal interests. Journalism empowers viewers, listeners and readers to make more informed decisions for themselves; it does not tell people what to believe or how to feel. Ethical decision-making should occur at every step of the journalistic […]

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