Annual Awards Ceremony Foreign Press Correspondents


The Association of Foreign Press Correspondents in the United States today held the Annual Awards Ceremony of Foreign Press Correspondents. At the ceremony, AFC USA Honorary Awards and the 2020 Scholarship Awards were presented. 

AFC-USA: 2020 Scholarships & Honorary Awards Ceremony

The winners were presented by two members of the AFC Board of Directors, Sissel McCarthy and Miriam Spritzer.

At the awards ceremony, Nancy Prager-Kamel of the AFC USA Chairwomen and Clarissa McNair, Deputy VP and some Members of the Board, Bricio Segovia, Benjamin Tetteh, Alex Segura, Alex Rafoglou in a video message welcomed the participants and spoke about the importance of the foreign correspondents and the work of the AFC-USA. Thomas Barat Director of Ethics, draws attention to the importance of adhering to ethical rules in journalism

Christiane Amanpour, Honorary Laureate, has contributed to the excellence of journalism in her life. The award was presented by Thanos Dimadis, President of AFC-USA.



Dr. Anthony Fauci, Honorary Prize winner for his lifetime work in the civil service. The award was presented by Susan Tehrani, AFC-USA Vice President.



Scholarship Awardees AFC-USA 2020:

  • Oluwafisayo Okare (Nigeria)

  • Sarah Peter (Saint Lucia)

  • Victor Raison (France)

  • Jeong Kimben (South Korea)

  • Obey Martin Manayiti (Zimbabwe)

  • Mariel Lozada (Venezuela)

  • Oheneba Ama Nti Osei (Ghana)

The winners were greeted by Joyce Barnathan, President of the International Center for Journalism, Ambassador Stuart Holiday, President and CEO of the Meridian International Center, Raymond Kerins Jr., Bayer’s Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Doug Dawson, Microsoft’s director of global communications, Scott Vazin, Toyota’s chief communications officer, Damon Jones, Director of Communications at P&G, Mitzi Perdue, president of the “Win this fight” organization.


The recording of the ceremony can be viewed.