The editor of eCCO Magazine would like to draw readers’ attention to the Crisis2021 Conference, published by the European Communication Research and Education Association.

The website of ECREA’s Crisis and Risk Communication global community announced:

“In the coming months and years we will continue to develop the content and information available on the page. However, our intention is for this to be a community page where members can share their news, conference calls, calls for publication, recent publications or best practices, and generally build a strong and shared knowledge community.

In practical terms, we are asking you to be contributors to the page sharing your experiences, insights, photos, and work so that we become a vital landing page for anyone interested in risk and crisis communication.

If you would like to become a contributor, contact Dr. Audra Diers-Lawson at and she will set you up as a contributor and with more information about how to post. For full details about our posting policy see our About page.”

You will find  on the website of  information about the division, upcoming events, past events, links and resources, with conference submission and publication opportunities. In addition, this is also a place where academics and practitioners can share their work they have published or presented, promote their publications and books, present best practices and broadly engage about Crisis and Risk Communication.

Theme for Crisis2021: Risk & Crisis Communication & the ‘New Normal’

As the world responds to 2020 and all of the new challenges it has posed, risk and crisis communication researchers, students, and practitioners have the opportunity to explore issues of work environments, politics, social justice, disasters, ‘ordinary’ crises, learning and teaching, well-being, social responsibility, and technology to name just a few areas connected to the tumultuous year we have all experienced.

The organizers are calling for abstracts that look forward from Covid-19 to the future across industries and even for reflective discussions about the role of risk and crisis communication.

Call for Abstracts

The Journal of International Crisis and Risk Communication Research is one of our premier options for publishing and access in the crisis communication community.

  • It is the only journal specializing in crisis & risk communication research
  • It is open access

Visit the journal online for the latest research & for submission information for your own research.


Source: European Communication Research and Education Association