What Should Charity & CSR Look Like In The 21st Century Private Market?

A Podcast from the Strategic Partner of the eCCO Magazine, the NJCU IDR Connecting Bridges and Borders Program: What Should Charity & CSR Look Like In The 21st Century Private Market?: A New Model w/ Jim Costanzo

Connecting Bridges and Borders Program has a huge lineup of fantastic guest speakers from multiple professional backgrounds. It seems that our reach is growing and the voices being heard through our platform are connecting with others.

This episode’s guest speaker, Jim Costanzo, President of Charity Realty International, brings about one of the most thought provoking business models we have seen in a long time. Like a traditional business, his model of donating portions of realty deals into charities of his or the client’s choice, has evolved over the years. This act of corporate social responsibility may be something for other businesses to take a step back and answer the question “How can I do this too?” Jim also emphasizes that he doesn’t just simply pick any charity just for the sake of it, he takes his time and chooses ones that give a majority of the funds received to their cause.

You can listen to the Episode of the NJCU IDR  Connecting Bridges and Borders Program, please click here:

About the speakers and the backgrounds:

David Weiss: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-weiss-9aa2a8b/

Jim Costanzo: https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-costanzo-6b672941/

Institute for Dispute Resolution (IDR): www.njcu.edu/idr

Charity Realty International: https://charityrealtyint.com/