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Attract the Best Talent With These Creative Employee Benefits

Currently, more job openings exist in the United Kingdom than there are suitable candidates, placing employees in a unique position. To retain your current staff and attract new talent for your company, you need to step outside the box to offer more perks than your competition. Here are a few ideas from CCO Magazine to point you in the right direction.

On-site Yoga Classes

Yoga seems to be all the rage these days, thanks in part to celebrities who tout its benefits. Make your yoga studio a little closer to home by adding in-office yoga classes. This perk keeps your employees healthy and happy while helping you build a sense of teamwork.

Another way to encourage fitness during work hours is to encourage employees to use fitness trackers. Keep your staff engaged by offering company discounts on smartwatches or similar products to track steps and other vitals. Additionally, consider providing workers with screen protectors for their trackers and smartwatches to prevent scratches.

Nutritional Counseling Sessions

As obesity rises in the United Kingdom, providing employees with one-on-one nutritional counselling sessions can go a long way toward helping them eat healthier. Partner with a local fitness centre, and offer employees one-on-one sessions focusing on ways to eat healthy while on the go. This perk builds on the on-site yoga classes and smartwatch suggestions to help your staff stay healthy and productive.

Relocation Services

Another great way to attract top talent is to offer relocation packages. Additionally, if your staff isn’t able to find a house within a specified time, you can always connect them with temporary housing. There are plenty of open apartments out there, including more than 260 just in Stamford alone.

Schedule Lunch-and-Learns

Hire an outside speaker to come in and conduct a lunch-and-learn on a topic of your choosing. This combines an informal group meal with a learning opportunity. Keep the lesson interesting, focusing on issues relevant to employees’ day-to-day lives, such as saving more money or cooking healthy meals on a budget. Employees might not expect their company to care about these things, but it shows them that they matter and helps them connect better with their managers and their coworkers.

How About a Game Of Foosball?

Playing sports is a great way for employees in the workplace to bond. Pick a sport everyone knows and enjoys, such as foosball or pool. Set it up in a breakroom or conference area, and encourage employees to play when they have a free moment. This creates a more cohesive atmosphere and helps coworkers become closer, even if they don’t work directly together.

Offer a Lending Library

A lending library in your break area or cafeteria encourages employees to read more and share their love of certain books. This might be a learning opportunity for your staff members who struggle with reading, and it can introduce everyone to books they may not have heard of previously.

Help Your Employees Grow 

When you have a staff that’s happy inside and out, your company is more productive. From on-site yoga to other activities, there are plenty of innovative ways to accomplish this goal. Remember: when your employees grow, so does your business!

Andy Hughes

CCO Magazine’s key subjects of expertise include applied communication, marketing-communication, public relations, human relations, corporate social responsibility, mass communication, press, media, and journalism.