February 2021 Global Alliance’s Global Ethics Month

The editor of eCCO Magazine would like to draw readers’ attention to the article published by the Global Alliance. February 2021 Global Alliance’s Global Ethics Month. Sarah Hanel, APR the Director of Ethics & Standards wrote the article.


Global Alliance’s Global Ethics Month – February 2021

Ethics and all the term encompasses are the primary purview of public relations professionals and the work we do. It’s time we spread the word in a global, coordinated campaign to educate and inform the world.

While many of our member associations are engaged in ethics-related activities at different points throughout the year, February 2021 will unify Global Alliance members’ activities and multiply our collective efforts, while bringing global attention to the great work each of you are doing in your own countries.

The campaign #EthicsMatter will bring attention to the importance of ethics in communication in all areas of business, government, non-profit and education and showcase all that our members are doing to educate and empower public relations professionals.

To participate, we ask that in February 2021 your association or educational body host an ethics-themed workshop, forum, seminar or training program, as part of Global Ethics Month. Global Alliance will commit to helping promote your efforts globally through all our communication channels.

Join your peers from the US, Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Indonesia who have already enthusiastically agreed to participate – say yes to going global and being global in February 2021 with the Global Ethics Month.

Best regards,

Sarah Hanel, APR
Ethics & Standards Director
Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management


Source: GA  –   “Ethics are important in every industry, but especially in public relations. We are the face and voice of business, politics, charity, sport and religion (to name but a few). The media, and through them the public, rely on us to give timely information in an ethical fashion.

Global Alliance, for the second year running, is offering access to free, online resources to keep practitioners informed and up-to-speed about ethical issues. #EthicsMatter. Check out the resources here. 

To learn more about the GA Code of Ethics read the details here.