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Many Americans don’t support journalistic values, study says

The editor of eCCO Magazine would like to draw readers’ attention to a study, published by the Columbia Journalism Review.

The Columbia Journalism Review published: Many Americans don’t support journalistic values, study says.

MOST — IF NOT ALL — JOURNALISTS likely share a commitment to a set of journalistic values, including a belief that those in power should be subject to oversight, that transparency is the right approach to important information, that facts are required to get to the truth, that the less powerful deserve a voice, and that revealing the flaws in society helps us to deal with them. But do consumers share a commitment to these values? A study published on Wednesday by the Media Insight Project, a joint venture of the American Press Institute and The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, suggests that many do not, and that this could help explain why there has been a crisis in trust when it comes to mainstream journalism. The authors say their study shows that uneasiness with these core values of journalism crosses ideological boundaries, and the bottom line is that “when journalists say they are just doing their jobs, the problem is many people harbor doubts about what the job should be.”


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Source: Columbia Journalism Review