A deeper look at new opportunities for international adult learning initiatives with Erasmus+

The European Commission ‘s website has drawn attention to the fact that “A deeper look at new opportunities for international adult learning initiatives with Erasmus+” 

On the European Commission ‘s website published the article by Altheo VALENTINI  – The deadline for submitting proposals is 11 May 2021.

For the last seven years, many adult and vocational education providers have openly asked for a revision of the Erasmus+ rules and actions for the active participation of adult learners at international mobility programmes. Indeed, all those who had the chance to be involved in the former Lifelong Learning Programme remembered the impact and benefits of actions such as the Grundtvig Senior Volunteering Projects and the Leonardo Mobility Projects for People in the Labour Market!

The former gave any organization working in the field of adult education the chance to apply for a 2 year long volunteering project aimed at providing an exchange opportunity for volunteers aged over 50. The exchanges were for 3-8 weeks at a time and enabled the volunteers to learn and to share knowledge and experience in a European country other than their own. It was a very special initiative of the LLP that also allowed for a lasting partnership to be created between the host and sending organizations around specific topics or a target group. It also enabled the local communities involved in the exchanges to draw on the potential of senior citizens as a source of knowledge, competence and experience.

To learn more about the topic read the details – on the blog of EU Commission – here.