Welcome to the rethought, redesigned page of CCO Magazine

There comes a moment in the life of every web portal, when, for some reason, the editorial staff decides to rethink editing the page.  This also happened in the editorial office of CCO Magazine, which is the magazine for the communication leaders.

Our magazine has been operating since 2006. Since its establishment, the Magazine of the Chief Communication Officer has been publishing news and professional publications for communications executives and staff in organizations and prospective professionals in communications education.

Key topics – new sections

CCO Magazine’s key subjects of expertise include applied communication, marketing-communication, public relations, human relations, corporate social responsibility, mass communication, press, media, and journalism. Priority topics are the publishing professional statements and opinions, events for communicators, ethical issues, educational materials. Since the establishment of the news portal, we served the interests of communication leaders and those who are now learning any part of the applied communication in their higher education studies.

CCO Magazine has not only renewed the design but also expanded its content with new sections

CCO Magazine is partnering with the Institute of Dispute Resolution (IDR) Connecting Bridges and Borders Program at the University of Jersey City (NJCU). Therefore, a new section has been added to the portal palette. The new section is called Mediation

Education – Distance learning – Webinars

We have been helping with education since our foundation, and we have now expanded this activity with a new section in the future, where we recommend recorded webinars and podcasts for our readers.  The content of the page was expanded with issues of business communication. The partner of this paper is not only the IDR Connecting Bridges and Borders Program, but the American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, as well.

eCCOM Collection – Others wrote, we quote

We continue our practice, where we publishing a lot of news, professional materials that were not written by the authors of our magazine. Because our editorial staff thinks that it is good for the communication leaders or those who are now learning communication. We continue what others have written, we cite the work of our eCCOM Collection – Others wrote, we quote section as well.

The media – press section of the portal has also been expanded, as our news portal cooperates with the Association Foreign Press Correspondent in the USA.

We will also expand the toolbox section, which our readers found useful, with recommendations, that communication leaders could use in their work. We thank our readers for being together with us so far, and we hope to continue to serve the work of communications leaders and the learning of college and university students.

The editor-in-chief of CCO Magazine wishes a good reading to everybody!

Thomas Barat