Effekt Award

Responsible companies to compete for Effekt 2030 Award again this year

Companies on the Hungarian market again could apply for the Effekt 2030 – Community Investments Award with their responsibility and sustainability programs.

As in every year, those corporate initiatives may again receive this prestigious professional recognition that has a measurable and demonstrably positive impact on society and the environment.
Expectations are growing towards the players of the business sector and they themselves also consider it is increasingly important to take steps in order to alleviate the worsening environmental, social and economic problems. For this reason, it is very important that the social participation and community investments of corporations, SMEs and startups, and their measures taken for sustainable development can be visible for the population, their customers and business partners, and serve as an example for other companies and institutions. It is also necessary that responsible organizations receive feedback and information on the impact of their activities and get widespread recognition.

Effekteam Association founded Effekt 2030 – Community Investments Award with the purpose of recognizing and making widely known the social responsibility and sustainability initiatives of Hungarian companies. At the same time, it also encourages them to keep in mind the real, measurable impacts as well as positive social and environmental changes during their community investments.

Corporations, SMEs, startups and their foundations operating in Hungary can apply for this year’s award until 21st July 2022. Nominated projects should be in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in four general categories (Opportunity-creating Business, Economy of the Future, Green Balance and Everyone’s Society) and in three special categories (Exemplary Employer, Outstanding
Supporter and Responsible Partner) introduced this year in view of the Russian-Ukrainian war. In the latter categories those corporate actions and creative solutions are rewarded that improve the well-being of victims of the armed conflict, facilitate the employment of the refugees and promote their integration in Hungary.

The total amount of registration fees from applications submitted in the special categories is donated to the Carpathian Emergency Response Fund to contribute to the financial initiatives addressing the war crisis and the refugee crisis. It is also important that within all categories, the projects of SMEs and startups are evaluated separately from corporations.
“Every year, more and more companies compete for the Effekt 2030 Award. One reason for this is that participants can present and scale their community investment programs in a prestigious professional field among prominent companies. The tender in addition also provides an opportunity for companies to look at their own social and sustainability activities from a new perspective and rethink them, if necessary, for the further development of such initiatives” – said Dr. Klára Molnár, the director and professional leader of Effekteam Association.

About the Effekteam Association
Since it was established in 2006 – under the name of Hungarian Donors’ Forum – the Effekteam Association has been one of the most recognized platforms in Hungary that is committed to corporate responsibility. Its aim is to help responsible economic participants to create value for the communities through their initiatives, in a sustainable way, with real social and environmental impact. Its mission is to inspire and by sharing up-to-date international knowledge support the community investments of responsibly thinking business and non-profit organizations in order to achieve real, measurable environmental and social impact.

Source: Effekteam Association