Code of Ethics of Association of Foreign Correspondents in the United States

The Association of Foreign Correspondents in the United States is aware of its responsibility in the ethical shaping of journalism and hereby states that:

  • an ethical journalist acts with integrity
  • ethical journalism strives to ensure the free exchange of information that is both accurate and fair
  • ethical journalists openly publish their intellectual product for information or opinion-forming purposes, through a media genre and/or channel, or through a contribution to a media genre and/or channel as a result of their profession
  • it is a responsibility of journalists and society to protect freedom of speech

It follows from the above, that:

  • deceiving media consumers, (i.e. print or online readers, tv/film/video viewers or radio/podcast listeners) is considered an unethical activity
  • the journalist shall not be obliged to perform marketing communications such as advertising, sponsorship or patronage organizing nor shall the journalist be obligated to supply financial or material support services
  • the relationship between media consumers and marketers rests on the understanding that news and marketing communications, including advertising, are strictly separated
  • journalists their neutrality and objectivity by avoiding any special interest and bias perspective

All journalists wishing to become members of the AFC United States will declare that they agree with the above statement when they join the organization.


AFC United States