PR and Marketing Technology Development & Support Services Partnership Launched

CommunicationsMatch™ has established a partnership with technology development and support services provider RexSoft to offer next generation technology solutions for agencies and professionals in the public relations and marketing industry.

PR and Marketing Technology Development

RexSoft, a decade-old technology company, has been the development and technology support partner for CommunicationsMatch’s agency, professional, and services search and hiring platform for more than five years. It has worked with dozens of clients ranging from startups to large corporations across technologies and mobile platforms.

PR and Marketing Technology Development

“Technology is at a new inflection point. Until now, building content management, customer relationship management, and enterprise resource management functionality into websites has generally required purchasing and integrating third-party software or choosing website platforms that incorporate these tools,” said Simon Erskine Locke, founder & CEO of CommunicationsMatch. “Limited flexibility, functionality that is rarely used, extensive training, integration fees and ongoing expenses are common tradeoffs for these important tools.”

The new partnership will provide the ability to cost-effectively build technology platforms that incorporate proven content, resource, and customer relationship management applications. Leveraging its RXCore™ CMS, CRM, and ERP, as well as other modules, RexSoft is able to create fit-for-purpose customized technology around client business models that can evolve with needs. This approach offers simpler interfaces, greater flexibility and control, as well as long-term cost savings versus third-party applications or existing platforms.

Recognizing that a significant challenge facing smaller and midsize companies is managing technology, the partnership with RexSoft also brings to the table a range of technology support services. These include site maintenance, security, along with technical and customer support.

“With a development team in the Ukraine, RexSoft provides technical support for employees and customers across time-zones, and access to a team of professionals with expertise in building and managing technology,” added Locke. “By leveraging their experience, the team helps clients identify savings on technology infrastructure and address issues ranging from email integration to the development of data metrics.”

CommunicationsMatch’s partnership with RexSoft is the latest collaboration with trusted partners in the communications and marketing industry, providing access to services that include agency search consulting with RFP Associates, flat-rate PR surveys through Researchscape, coaching & development with Jacobs Consulting & Executive Coaching, and agency promotion through – all built around the search and hiring platform.

With 6,000 agencies and individuals on the platform, CommunicationsMatch helps companies find, shortlist, and hire communications, marketing, digital and branding agencies, consultants and freelancers by industry and communications expertise, location and size, membership organizations, diversity and designations. Agency Select™, the industry’s first online RFQ and RFP platform, has been used by one of the world’s largest financial institutions and one of the U.S.’s largest private companies to streamline the process of selecting and hiring agencies.


Source: CommunicationsMatch /PRNewswire / 11/12/2020.