PR Platinum Paper

The PR Training Academy is announcing a new PR Platinum Paper report series on the latest topics in the public relations and communications industry.

This Platinum Paper series gives you an opportunity to educate yourself on the most relevant topics to date. The first two editions will be authored by the Director of the PR Training Academy, Ellen Gunning.

To access the first edition of the PR Platinum Paper on how public relations has shifted since the recent pandemic, check out the link below on ‘Communicating in a Coronavirus Era.’

Communicating in a Coronavirus Era

The COVID-19 pandemic hit hard and fast. Communications was suddenly front and centre and very few had designed a crisis PR plan that included a worldwide pandemic.

Distance Learning for PR Practitioners

We are a training platform which provides bite-sized, laser-focused, communications specific skills training to our industry worldwide, we are proud to say that our courses are endorsed by IPRA.