Internal Communication

Measurement Roundtable: Measuring Internal Communication

The editor of eCCO Magazine would like to draw readers’ attention to the article published by the Institute for Public Relations: Measurement Roundtable: Measuring Internal Communication

The post of the IPR summarizes a roundtable discussion by the IPR Measurement Commission.

Recently, members of the IPR Measurement Commission participated in an online discussion about internal communication measurement. Led by IPR Measurement Commission Member Sean Williams, the IPR Measurement Commissioners discussed how to measure internal communication outcomes and behaviors.

Some key takeaways from the conversation included:

  • Analyzing workplace channel engagement on platforms, such as Slack or Teams, and surveying employees on their experiences are two important metrics of measuring internal communications.
  • The influence of communications is intersecting with HR more than ever.
  • Communication professionals are now more involved in the aggregation and analysis of employee data.
  • Metrics for measuring internal communication must be specifically tailored for an organization.

Source: Institute for Public Relations Research Letter