The editor of eCCO Magazine would like to draw readers’ attention to the report posted by Institute for PR. Report: How Engaged are Employees During COVID-19?

Across Canada and the United States, many employees’ working arrangements, including how they interact with their organizations, employers, and colleagues, have shifted rapidly due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In early May 2020, Leger and the Institute for Public Relations (IPR), conducted an online survey among 1,526 Canadian and 1,004 American employees (those who are not unemployed, furloughed, or laid off due to COVID-19) to explore:

  1. How various attributes (including their productivity, collaboration with coworkers, satisfaction with their company, etc.) have changed since COVID-19.
  2. How effectively various company leaders and teams are communicating updates and information to them during COVID-19.
  3. How often they are currently speaking to their direct supervisor/manager (via phone, video conference, or face-to-face), compared to before COVID-19, as previous IPR research with Peppercomm has found the importance of effective internal communication during the pandemic.


The main key findings from this study include:

  • In both the U.S. and Canada, two-thirds of employees said their work productivity has stayed the same during COVID-19, while at least 1-in-5 experienced decreases, and 1-in-10 experienced increases.
  • Three-quarters of employees said their relationship with their company stayed the same during COVID-19. U.S. employees were more likely to experience slight increases in satisfaction, trust, and engagement with the company, while Canadian employees were more likely to experience decreases.
  • About two-thirds of employees in both the U.S. and Canada said collaboration with co-workers stayed the same, while at least 1-in-5 said it decreased.
  • U.S. employees (58%) were more likely to say their company was doing “very good” or “excellent” at communicating information and updates to them than Canadian employees (54%). U.S. employees (54%) were also more likely to say the same about their CEO than Canadian employees (45%).


Read the full report and learn what employees’ attitudes are toward their work and their company, how well companies are communicating information and updates, and more.


Source: – Institute for Public Relations Research Letter and Leger