Managing Social Distance

The Association of Foreign Press Correspondents in the United States (AFC-USA) organized a webinar, where Pat Drew spoke with Thanos Dimadis, about the topic of “Managing Social Distance”

AFC-USA wrote about the webinar:

These are tough times for all of us working to make the world a better place. We are learning about resilience without direct contact and how to function at a high level during tough times. To support all of us at this challenging time, the Association of Foreign Press Correspondents offered this online class for foreign journalists, about how to manage social isolation while achieving high performance. Resilience on Zoom utilizes the interactive capabilities of the platform to create small group discussions sharing best practices to create individual action plans. Our facilitator and lecturer in this online class, Pat Drew specializes in providing resilience training to media organizations including the New York Times, CNN, McClatchy News, Getty Images, and many others.

About our lecturer, Pat Drew:

Pat Drew has spent twenty years managing Employee Assistance Programs and counseling employees in workplace settings, including the New York Times where she developed and directed one of the first and most successful employee counseling programs in the country across 35 properties, serving 12,000 employees.

At the New York Times for 20 years, Pat Drew designed the seminal programs for coaching correspondents in war zones, after hostage situations, or otherwise being detained. She teaches correspondents and editors to thrive in assignments such as the Iraq war, the Katrina disaster, the Ebola outbreak, loss of colleagues through terrorism, and more recently to manage the reactions from covering horrific event such as mass shootings and natural disasters.

She has provided these services to over 100 journalists at the New York Times, CNN, Getty Images, McClatchy News, Committee to Protect Journalists, Global Journalists Security, and other media and advocacy organizations. She has particular expertise in helping others develop resilience, manage transition, and manage their careers.

Pat has worked with organizations going through rapid change, coaching managers and employees alike on how to prosper when everything around them is changing. Pat is a senior executive coach, psychotherapist and has taught “Managing Change” for 20 years. She has a Master’s in Psychology, a Master’s of Social Work, and Master’s in History.

Source: AFC-USA