Getting the Public Behind the Fight on Misinformation

The editor of eCCO Magazine would like to draw readers’ attention to the article published by the Fair Observer. “Getting the Public Behind the Fight on Misinformation” On the Fair Observer page, Timothy Rich & Madelynn Einhorn asked: “Why is the public so hesitant to support efforts to combat misinformation?” eCCO Magazine quotes the answer.

Timothy Rich & Madelynn Einhorn answered the question.

“Misinformation is false or inaccurate information communicated regardless of intention to deceive. The spread of misinformation undermines trust in politics and the media, exacerbated by social media that encourages emotional responses, with users often only reading the headlines and engaging with false posts while sharing credible sources less. Once hesitant to respond, social media companies are increasingly enacting steps to stop the spread of misinformation. But why have these efforts failed to gain greater public support?

A 2021 poll from the Pearson Institute found that 95% of Americans believed that the spread of misinformation was concerning, with over 70% blaming, among others, social media companies. Though Americans overwhelmingly agree that misinformation must be addressed, why is there little public consensus on the appropriate solution?”

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Source: Fair Observer 02.18.2022