PR Training Academy – Partnering with EADL

The editor of CCO Magazine would like to draw readers’ attention to the article published by the PR Training Academy: Partnering with EADL

Partnering with EADL

PR Training Academy has partnered with EADL, the European Association for Distance Learning, to create a series of interviews about how distance learning providers coped, adapted, pivoted, survived and in some cases thrived, after Covid 19 struck.

PR Training Academy stated: “We have spoken with member companies from Cyprus, England, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands and Scotland and will continue with the series to the end of 2020. Check out the series to see real world PR crisis management in action.”

The PR Training Academy published other news, as well: “Delivering webinars all over the world” and  “Online Bite-Sized Learning

Delivering webinars all over the world

Its been a very busy summer. There’s great interest in what is happening to communications globally and a huge desire to learn from what others are doing and share insights and experiences.

We have delivered webinars to the Irish-Latvian Chamber of Commerce, the World Trade Centres (Boston and Madrid), the Catholic Press Association (USA & Canada), the Irish International Business Network and the PR Institute of Australia.

Its shaping up to be a busy autumn and winter too. If you would like us to contribute a global perspective on the PR industry to your conference or seminar, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Check out the webinars HERE

Online Bite-Sized Learning

For every industry communicating and getting your message out has never been more vital than during the Covid 19 crisis. This has been reflected in our users choice of training courses. 
We’ve been reviewing the past three months and the mix of our ‘most popular courses’ is very interesting indeed. We need to do more research to see if there are differences between Europe, USA, Australia and the Middle East, but the top three ‘on demand’ courses over the past few months have been skills based – Podcasting, Smartphone TV journalism, Writing Feature Articles. The one course which has been consistently in demand, since autumn of last year, is Understanding Public Relations.

There is a clear demand for training in the use of effective media tools and the development of content. 


Source: PR Training Academy